Selected biography

Ebba Moi
Lives and works in Oslo, Norway
Born in Örebro, Sweden in 1971


Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, Norway, 1995-99                          
Houvedskous art school, sculpture dep, Göteborg, Sweden, 1993 - 95
Steneby School of Foundation, 1991 - 93

Curatorial and collaborative Projects
2011 – Tenthaus. Discursive art collective and artistrun space in Oslo.*
2003 – long term collaboration with artist Anna Carin Hedberg.**
2000 – 2007 New Meaning. Magazine project for young people with diverse background in Trondheim in collaboration with Gry O Ulrichsen and Anne Berntsen. Released five magazines. ***

Selcted Exhibitions and Projects
I call it Art, Nasjonalmuseet*
Without Borders, Elysium gallery - exhibition and artist book
Death to the curator, Kunsthall Oslo*
Form in Motion, workshop, seminar and exhibition invited by TraP
Industry, group exhibition Trafo kunsthall, Asker**
P1 – mobile residency, Studio for artists and schools*
PARK. LevArt, an outdoor urban development project on the public and the collective*
Threedimensional Changes (Kvitebjørn kong valemon), Eidsvolls plass, Billedhoggerforeningen**
A moment of Trust, workshop and exhibition at Club Solo, Breda, Holland*
Spring Depot II, Tenthaus*
Winter Depot, exhibition at galleri Box in Göteborg*
A Work, participatory artproject The Annual Autumn Exhibition, Oslo*
Changes in the Norwegian landscape, TSSK, Trondheim**
Cultural Mistranslations. Residency led by Smadar Dreyfus, Praksis, Oslo
Tenthaus Toolkit – seminar and publication at Kunstnernes hus, kurator og koordinator*
Threedimensional Changes, Norwegian Sculpture Biennale, Vigelands museum, Oslo**
Geological changes. Performance as a part of a radiosoaré at Høstutstillingen, Curated by Yngvild Færøy og Søssa Jørgensen**
I am your telephone and I love you. Museum for Contemporary Art, Oslo*
Oslos geology og landforms, exhibition at Tenthaus*
1814 revisited - the past is still present, Akerhus kunstsenter, Norway Curator Rikke Kommissar
Live radio: Kulturens vilje eller K- k- kulturpolitikk? event and radioshow at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo and Konsthall C Stockholm**
Inspired By, September Split, Oslo
Lademoen art dialogues, Babel, Trondheim, Norway
Dubbelradio, av Ballongmagasinet, Konsthall C, Stockholm**
Me and the Storyteller, Kristiansands Kunsthall**
Arbeiderbilder, Kunsthall Oslo. Kurator Will Bradley*
I want to tell you of great things... Projectroom Carl Berner*
Planka i Tromsø 2. Curator Helga – Marie Nordby
Packed!! groupshow, Tenthaus*
2010, Alt for Hersleb. Curator Aeron Bergmann og Alejandra Salinas*
2010 - 11
Alt for Hersleb, Hersleb elementary school in Oslo*
2009 - 11
Kunstnerne på Sinsen a project about working artists at school*
Kunsten å falle – fotografier over norsk performance og prosesskunst 1966-2009, Preus Museum, Horten
Wherever Water Flows, community project with youths living in Groruddalen Oslo w Ingrid Lønningdal and Mesén Creating Public Communities, workshop for asylumseekers organised by Hjørdis Kurås og Ateljé Nord
Wings of a King, public art commission for Hedemark public library, Kongsvinger, KORO/Public Art Norway
Norbita, seminar, launch of webmagazine, Kulturnett Østfold and Punkt Ø***
Figurations, outdoor exhibition at Skulpturpark Øst, Oslo
Somewhere particular, The White Tube, Tøyen subwaystation
New Meaning/dialog, workshop and mural, Generator, Trondheim***
Norbita, webmagazine
LARM festival, contribution to cd, book, performance at the Culture house, Stockholm
Ballongmagasinets soundbook, publication, illustration of sound art project**
Rethinking Nordic colonialism. Contribution to DVD Box Set and launch of the Box in Oslo***
I would love to change! NRK/Ulyd/Digitale Fortellinger***
Manual, publication, contribution, the art of making a fellowship. Curated by Line Løkken and Tine Aamodt
Changing art distribution channels – seminar, Avant Garden Trondheim
Who is claiming that our family is more important than others? exhibition at IKM, International Culture Center and Museum, Oslo***
March 8 manifest, Bang -. Street, Stockholm***
The Idea of North, soundwork with AC Hedberg, curator Ballongmagasinet
Practices of Tallinn, text for book in the artproject Tricht-Linnburg, curator Liina Siib
Bang, curated insert in Swedish feminist magazine***
New Meaning Radio part two, Internet radio for NRK ULYD
Neighbourhood, exhibition at Bastard, Oslo
Høstutstillingen, with the soundwork Forandringer i det norske landskapet**
Instant radicalism, participation in UKS biennial seminar, Oslo***
Testing the nation - New Meaning Live, Trondheim Kunstforening, Detox***
By any media necessary - New Meaning Live, Detox Kunstnernes Hus***
New Meaning Radio part one, Internet sound project at Swedish radio, SRc***
Art to the people, touring with Riksutstillinger until 2004, curator Jonas Ekeberg***
The Great Islamgame, Trøndertun Folkehøyskole, Trondheim***
Changes in the Norwegian landcscape, Performance at cinemateket, Oslo, Grimstad Kortfilmfestival**Blindfilm, Norwegian Radio P2, curated by Ballongmagasinet**
The Great Islamgame, Fritt Forum 2002, Göteborg***
New Meaning goes 3-D, exhibition at trans-art, Trondheim***
Dialogue Forum, Speakers corner, Stunt club, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo***
Research Room, Manifesta 4, Frankfurt, Germany***
A place where you can live in the middle of it all yet away from it all, Galleri 54, Göteborg**
The Sculpture biennale, Lillehammer Artmuseum, curated by Maaretta Jaukkuri
The Sculpture biennale, Stenersenmuseet, Oslo, curated by Maaretta JaukkuriKjærlighetens Ferjereiser, Lofoten Kunstfestival lecture on Vågan library***
Lecture lounge, Clocktower Gallery, New York***
Høstutstillingen, Bergen***
Lademoen by light, Trondheim, outdoors exhibition w. the theme lightTrøndelagsutstillingen touring exhibition in Trøndelag
KIT 1999, Graduating exh. Edsvik Konst och Kultur, Sverige, curator Maaretta Jaukkuri
KIT 1999, Graduating exh. Trondheim Artmuseum, curator Maaretta Jaukkuri
Trøndelagsutstillingen, touring exhibition in Trøndelag
Decembersalongen, Trondheim Artmuseum
Fra landet, Galleri Rotor, Göteborg with Gry Ulrichsen
Snøblind, Galleri Kamras, Borgholm.    
Fra landet, Galleri Prosjekthallen, Trondheim - med Gry Ulrichsen
Decembersalongen, Trondheim Kunstmuseum
Screens, international multimedia exhibition - cd-rom, Trondheim
Din skugga stannar kvar, (where flamingos fly) - ballroom dans i Speilsalen, Britannia Hotel, Trondheim with Gry Ulrichsen
Det är bäst nu (nu är det just innan hon talar), Galleri Prosjekthallen, Trondheim with Gry Ulrichsen

Preus photo museum***

Public Art Commissions

2018 SILO, temporary public art for Havnepromenaden, Oslo kommune kulturetaten in collaboration with Elvebakken vgs
2017-19 The colours of Ski, a temporary public commission at Ski station in cooperation with Anas Salameh and pupils from Ski Youth School. KORO, Public Art Norway
2012 Frydenberg ungdomsskole, Oslo
2011 Changes in the Norwegian landscape, video at Lørenskog Hus w AC Hedberg
2010 Wings of a King, Hedemark public library, Kongsvinger, Norway

2021 Curator, MA graduation show Arts & Crafts at the National Academy of the Arts.
2020       Curator, BA Art Academy graduation show at the National Academy of the Arts.
2019       Curator, BA Art Academy graduation show at the National Academy of the Arts.
2015-18  Curator and project manager for public art commissions in connection with the upgrade of Veitvetveien, Oslo. Commissioned by the municipality of Oslo.
2018 – Member of jury for Norsk Billedhoggerforening
2016-17 Curator and projecter manager for for public art commissions when rebuilding of Ullerntunet Health Center. Commissioned by the municipality of Oslo.
2012-14 Committee for exhibition grant Norsk Kulturråd
2012-13 Freelance assignment from the Oslo Ministry of Culture with a focus on temporary projects in an urban development perspective.
2011-12  Curator and project manager of public art at Magnormoen border control station. Commissioned by KORO.
2013 Member of jury - Sculpture biennale
2010-11 Curator and projecter manager for public art commission at Skiptvet home for young solitary asylum seekers. Commissioned by KORO.
2010-11 Artistic advisory committee for Skulpturarena Øst


2018 - Norwegian Sculpture Association: Chairman of the board
2018 - Committee for Statens kunstnerstipend / Deputy of the board
2012-18 Oslo kunstforening: Board member
2012-15 Norwegian Artist Association (NBK): Board member
2011-15 Kunstnernes Hus: Member of the Advisory board
2011-13 Norwegian Sculpture Association: Board member

Published texts and articles

2020 Flere historier ikke færre, kronikk i Morgenbladet 10 juli 2020. 2020/07/flere-historier-ikke-faerre
2018 Fra objekt til situasjon. Nye perspektiver på kunstformidling. Pax forlag. Redaktører: Charlotte Blanche Myrvold og Gerd Elise Mørland.
2017 Samarbeid – folder with Anna Carin Hedberg. Design Ulf Carlsson
2017 Ditt kunstverk KORO
2016 Tenthaus Toolkit - kunstnere i skolen, redaktør og skribent
2015 #rad7 - om norsk retorikk, essay invitert av Espen Sommer Eide
2012 Me & the Storyteller. Folder med Anna Carin Hedberg. Design Ariane Spanier.
2013 Artscene Trondheim – Fra besøkende til deltakende kunstner - essay i samarbeid med Gry O Ulrichsen
2010 Hvem tjener på stengingen av Hersleb skole? Dagsavisen debatt m Tenthaus
2007 Ballongmagasinets lydbok contribution in art publication with AC Hedberg
2006 LARM, contribution in art publication with AC Hedberg
2006 Manual oppslag i kunstpublikasjon, contribution in art publication. Kurator Line Løkken og Tine Aamodt
2005 Practices of Tallinn Tricht-Linnburg contribution in art publication. Kurator Liina Siib

Reviews and text of others - about my work and collaborations

A Moment of Trust, katalog over utstilling og prosjekt produsert av Club Solo, Breda
Göteborgsposten Öppnar konstvärlden Sara Arvidsson. Om Tenthaus utstilling Winter Depot på det kunstnerdrevne stedet galleri Box
Fargene i Ski. Merete Røsvik Granlung
Billedkunst #4 om Høstutstillingen
Høstutstilling med fokus på kunst for unge. Periskop – kritikk av kunst for barn og unge. Kristina Ketola Bore
Tolkningsmuligheter. Gustav S Borgersen om Forandringer i det norske landskapet på Trøndelag senter for samtidskunst Tolkningsmuligheter-14560275.ece
Kunstnardrivne visningsrom. Årestadar for ny kunst. Oslo, Norway: Fagbokforlaget
Barnas Plass På Kunstnerdrevne Visningsteder. Benedikte Rønsen
Tenthaus Oslo - En inkluderende organisatorisk modell for framtidas kulturskoleelev. Gry O Ulrichsen Journal For Research In Arts And Sports Education: 10.23865/jased.v1.541
Å erobre det sansbare. En estetisk didaktisk problematisering av læringsbegrepet, i møtet mellom lydkunst og skole. Hanne Ulla. Masteroppgave om Tenthaus Oslo
2016 Møter målgruppen på kunstens premisser. Kristina Ketola Bore, Periskop – kritikk av kunst for barn og unge
Sculpture Hub. Snowball productions (J. Posch, Red.) controller=post&action=view&id_post=20
2015 Vil ikke prioritere kompetanse på barn hos kunstkonsulenter. Anders R Christensen, Periskop – kritikk av kunst for barn og unge hos-kunstkonsulenter/
Kunstløftet – Deltakende kunstnere på en pedagogisk arena, Gry Ulrichsen
Norsk Skulpturbiennale, Kunsten tilhører dem som ser den, katalog, Anne Szefer Karlsen
Frihet i tre dimensjoner. Oda Bhar om Skulpturbiennalen
I skyggen av skjermen om skulpturbiennalen 2015 Kunstkritikk ved Simen Joachim Helsvig http://
Fadermord eller naturlig utvikling av Lars Elton om Skulpturbiennalen 2015
Kunstforum #2 – intervju med Tenthaus Oslo av Monica Holmen
1814 revisited – the past is still present. Kurator Rikke Komissar
Kunst i Oslo - Oslo Kommunes utsmykkingsordning, Kulturetaten Oslo Kommune, Oslo tekst av Kjetil Røed
Åpner nytt prosessorientert prosjektrom. Marianne Enge om Tenthaus
Få men engasjerte kunstnere. Billedkunst, Trine Thorbjørnsen om Kunstløftet og Tenthaus
Shifting concepts of public space, Eriksen, H, Generator, Trondheim, TSSK. Om New Meaning.
Om New Meaning av Beate Petersen
Blindfilm Lydkunst på radio. Steinar Sekkingstad om Forandringer i det norske landskapet.


NBK prosjektstøtte
OCA international support
Kulturkontakt Nord, Mobility Grant, Göteborg
10 year Norwegian government grant for artists
Vederlagsfondet, Three year working grant
BKH three year working grant for artists
Project support from Vederlagsfondet w. AC Hedberg
Vederlagsfondet, One year working grant
Vederlagsfondet, One year working grant
Project support from Arts Council Norway
Vederlagsfondet, One year working grant
Sleipnir travel grant to Stockholm
OCA international support
OCA international support
Fritt Ord foundation w New Meaning
Fritt Ord foundation w New Meaning
One year working grant, Norwegian government grant for artists
Studiogrant, Oslo rådhus
Nifca residency to Tallinn
Fritt Ord foundation w New Meaning
BKH academy grant

Selected lectures and workshops
2021 External examiner MA, Faculty of Fine Art, University Bergen
2021 External examiner, MA Art & Mediation at OsloMet.
2021 Lecture for the residency artists, LOCA, Livingstone Office for Contemporary Art
2020 External examiner, midterm evaluation BA+MA, with Manuel Pelmus, Oslo Academy of the Arts
2021 Curator, MA graduation exhibition at the Department of Arts and Crafts, Oslo National Academy of the Arts. 2020 External examiner for MA, Art in Society, OsloMet.
2020 Lecture for BAstudents at Art & Mediation, OsloMet.
2020 Supervisor at 3 week workshop and residency Tuning In-Other Ways of Seeing, Livingstone, Zambia. Invited by LOCA, Livingstone Office for Contemporary Art and Anawana Haloba, 2020
2019 Seminar, the Oslo biennal. Panelist in the seminar Art Production within a Locality, panel/symposium 2019 - 2020 Curator, BA graduation exhibition, the Art academy at the Norwegian Academy of the Arts in Oslo.
2019-20 External supervisor, MA program Art in Society, supervising two MA2 students.
2019 Supervisor for MA1 students. 2 weeks workshop. Art in Society, OsloMet.
2019 External examiner for MA, Art in Society, OsloMet
2018-19 External supervisor, MA program Art in Society, supervising two MA2 students.
2019 Curator, BA graduation exhibition, the Art academy at the Norwegian Academy of the Arts in Oslo.
2018 Art Education Activism. 2 – week workshop for MA1, Art in Society, OsloMet
2018 External sensor, MA Art in Society at OsloMet.
2017 Art Education Activism. 2 – week workshop at OsloMet, Art in Society
2015-17 External supervisor, MA in Curatorial Practice Bergen Academy of Art and Design
2017 Art Education Activism, 3-week workshop at OsloMet for students from NOVA an international MA programme based in Aalto university, Helsinki.
2015 Lecture at lunch seminar at Art in society. OsloMet.
2015 1 week workshop MA students at Art in Society, OsloMet.
2012 Lecture at KORO's consulting seminar for art consultants and curators working at KORO.
2009-10 Digital drawing workshop for schools, National Museum for Design, Architecture and Visual Art Norway.
2009-10 Teaching at Digital media department, Einar Granum art school
2008-09 Supervisor for 1st year BA Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art